Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hi guys!

Do you know what we were doing the last two weeks? We were looking for a new place to live the next year and a half so…yeeeeeyyy! The good news is that we found a very nice apartment, tiny but cute, unfurnished and with a little garden which needs some love. And it’s completely new! We will be the first tenants of the house.
The bad news is that the other day, when we were visiting the apartment to clean it and see if everything was on its site, we discovered we have a BIG water leak that is flooding the neighbor’s garage. So, it’s a great start for a new house!

I wanted to show you how the apartment looks like empty and I’ll bring you soon some updates with all the changes. I have big plans for the living room, which includes a 1920’s table (with 6 chairs) I bought the other day that is so lovely I can’t wait to see it in place!

So, I will be back soon I hope with a lot of changes. Hope you are all having a lovely summer!!

XOXO. Sara


Monday, June 12, 2017

Hi fellows!

No more excuses! I am not going to say I am really busy to post every week because everybody has a lot of stuff to do in their lives, but the truth is…I am very busy to keep this blog weekly updated!

I love sharing projects and recipes with you all (if there is anyone reading outside) because the time I spend doing it is my moment to do what I like and enjoy: crafting, DIY and having fun around the house. Although I spend so much time doing boring things (hey, I have to pay my rent!), I need crafting in my life. I guess everyone has its own way to escape from reality and get relaxed. 

Today, I bring you a new project I didn’t make, but my brother. He normally has great ideas and he does a lot of DIY around their home too. The other day, he was telling me about a new project idea he had had so we thought it would be a great opportunity sharing the Batman frame display here with you all. 

This is a fun and cheerful project which results are awesome.


A bunch of Legos or similar
White cardboard

As he is a huge fan of Batman comics, he chose these Batman Legos, but there are hundreds of options. The project is THAT simple, you would have it done in an hour or so.  

First, cut the white cardboard to fit the frame. Then, measure the distance you want the Legos to be between each other so they fit the space the way you like it. Add some Blu-tack to the back of each Lego and glue it to the cardboard. Done!

Isn't it super cute? I love the variety of characters he chose (some of them are very funny) and the versatility of the project.  
Hope you like it!
Hopefully, see you soon

XOXO. Sara